New Knotting Amulet Wallhangings

The two wall installations Amulet I and Amulet II are part of the series entitled”New Knotting”. Inspiration for these works stems from an experience I had in Sicily. Here I saw some enormous white ropes tied around a cliff just outside the shore. I wasn’t able to go there, but they made a deep impression […]

The Traveller

Some years ago I stayed at the San Cataldo Monastery on the Amalfi coast of Italy. I went there to study the cliffs and the stones and the moss. All I had brought for my visit was thin chinese paper, ink and brushes. I hiked in the Valle Dragone ( Dragon Valley ) and was inspired […]

Small Works in Fiber

The two small fiberworks Nordic Heritage and Shell of Animal was exhibited at Jack Lenor Larsen’s sculpture museum Longhouse Reserve in 2002, by invitation of Jack Lenor Larsen and Mildred Constantine. The international exhibition called Small Works in Fiber celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Long House Reserve and Jack Lenor Larsen’s 75th birthday. It […]


Known for her distinctive style and individualistic textiles, artist and designer Grethe Wittrock is to Danish textiles what Arne Jacobsen was to furniture. After finishing her studies at the Danish Design School, Wittrock studied fine art at Kyoto Seika University in Japan. Wittrock´s works has been exhibited worldwide, in cultural capitals such as London, Paris, […]


Fabrics created for the Project Papermoon collections by textile designer Grethe Wittrock and made into sculptural paper clothing by fashion designer Ann Schmidt-Christensen. Grethe Wittrock continues the tradition of working with paper and has exploited various methods of construction and surface treatment. She hand weaves and machine knits finely slit paper yarn to create stable […]


Project Papermoon by Grethe Wittrock & Ann Schmidt-Christensen The work of Grethe Wittrock and Ann Schmidt-Christensen has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world including Copenhagen, London, Munich Paris, Sao Paulo and Kyoto. Their project Papermoon exists both as functional wearable garments and as one-off conceptual pieces which question and challenge what textiles […]