Small Works in Fiber

The two small fiberworks Nordic Heritage and Shell of Animal was exhibited at Jack Lenor Larsen’s sculpture museum Longhouse Reserve in 2002, by invitation of Jack Lenor Larsen and Mildred Constantine.

The international exhibition called Small Works in Fiber celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Long House Reserve and Jack Lenor Larsen’s 75th birthday.

It presented small works in fiber by 75 selected artist from 4 continents. Among them well known atist like Christo, Lenore Tawney, Olga De Amaral and Hiroyuki Shindo. It was an invitation for the viewer to see, to encounter, to question and to enjoy the outstanding diversity in two and three dimensional forms. All 75 pieces worked with linear elements within an 8-inch ( 20 cm) cube.

What bound these works together were manifestations of potence, of life force; an organic unity. They are complete works of art.