New Knotting (soloshow at Drud & Køppe)

Grethe Wittrock creates expressions of sensuality in works that leave the beholder affected by their tactility and accumulation of yarns. Some of her banners and wall hangings consist of thousands of hand-knitted strings, and their expression is closely embedded in the process of creating the object. Grethe Wittrock repeats the knotting or braiding process over and over again with small variations, and both the process and the presence of the repetitions refer to meditative states of mind. She uses universally known methods of keeping yarn heavily bounded together. Methods and techniques originating in ancient times are being transferred into a contemporary expression. She expresses her sensations in objects of an overwhelming stillness and harmony. A strange underlying power convinces the beholder that soon the elements or masses of strings will move and breathe.

Solo show NEW KNOTTING at Drud and Køppe Gallery-contemporary objects. Copenhagen, 2007.