Hospice Søholm

In 2013, I won a competition to decorate the hospice “Søholm” in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. A hospice is a special place, where the patients wants the most dignified, serene and beautiful place to spend their last days of their life.

Thus, I worked both aesthetically and aurally to make the place feel homier and less institutional; I used sails from sail ships to create wall-hangings that not only softened sounds, but also could remind patients of better days spent at sea. In the spa, I created window blind installations that shielded patients from unwanted gazes, while allowing sunlight to enter the room and reflect in the waters of the pool where they were relaxing. By creating large hand perforated circle patterns on the window screens the light would shine through the holes and the atmosphere in the room would be changed through the day.

The wall panels in the lobby, dining room and hallways serves both as decorative and functional art.. They serves as sound absorbing panels as well, improving the acoustic. The perforation in the fabric enabels it to act as a filter, and sound waves that passed beyond it is absorbed.

In this project textiles serves as the perfect material both as a base for the decorative wall panels and also for its functional properties, to protect for light and shield for gazes and soften sounds.