At slå rødder

In the summer of 2021, I enjoyed a residency at Bruunshaab Gl. Papfabrik, located just outside the town of Viborg in rural Denmark. Inside the former paper mill, which now functions as a factory and museum, is the art gallery DRIFTSKONTORET, where I showed the artworks I created during my residency.

DRIFTSKONTORET is an independent exhibition space, founded and run by local ceramist Helle Bovbjerg and visual artist Annette Gerlif.
As a preparation for my residency, I read the book “Kaptajnen og Ann Barbara” by Danish author Ida Jessen. It is a captivating and enlightening story about Captain Von Kahlen who settles on the Danish moorland in 1754 and describes his attempt to transform the inhospitable moor into fruitful agricultural farmland.

My pieces are an imaginative idea about the soil of the moor and what Captain Von Kahlen encountered during his life on the moorland. As part of the artistic process, I conducted fieldwork around the nearby Kongenshus Moor that was created by receding glaciers during the ice age.

In the moraine landscape, I collected plants, roots and soil and used them to shape and color the artworks. The experimental pieces represents a unique approach to storytelling that combines locally sourced raw materials and the use of industrial processes to produce cardboard.

DRIFTSKONTORET, Bruunshaab Gl. Papfabrik in Viborg, Denmark
June 11 –Aug 1 2021

At slå rødder Gallery

At slå rødder Gallery